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Professional Experience


Concept and Costume Design GUARDIANS OFTHE GALAXY3 Concept and Matte Painting Walking Dead and Fear of the walking Dead VFX Art director and Concept DMZ VFX Art director and Concept HALO VFX Art director and Concept LOKI VFX Art director and Concept ALITA BATTLE ANGEL VFX Art director TRANSFORMERS -BUMBLE BEE VFX Art Director and Lead Concept Designer WESTWORLD, VFX Art director and Concept SIREN VFX Art director and Concept WALKING DEAD VFX Art director and Concept MARVELS AGENTS OF SHIELD and LEGION VFX Art director and Concept GOTHAM VFX Art director and Concept LEGENDS OF TOMORROW, Art Director and Lead Concept Designer SUPERGIRL Art Direction concept designer, STAR TREK BEYOND Consulting Art Direction GAME OF THRONES Art Direction concept designer, TRANSFORMERS LAST KNIGHT VFX Art director and Concept ORVILLE VFX Art director and Concept BEYOND VFX Art director and Concept THE LAST SHIP Lead Concept CAPTAIN AMERICA Concept and Matte painter AVENGERS, Art director and Matte Painting INTO THE BADLANDS, Consulting Art Direction SNOW WHITE & THE HUNTSMAN Concept Artist | Matte painter OBLIVION Lead Matte Painting JOURNEY 2 Character Designed by | Lead Concept BATTLE LOS ANGELES FILM Concept Designer | Matte Painter GULLIVER TRAVELS Visual Effects Art Director | Matte painter THOR DARK WORLD Concept Designer HALO Lead Matte Painting HUGO Visual Effects Art Director | Lead Concept SKYLINE Art director and Matte Painting 2012 Concept Designer BOOK OF ELI Concept Designer | Matte Painter WORLD WAR Z Lead Concept JONAH HEX Concept Designer | Matte Painter AVATAR 2010 Concept Designer | Matte Painter DISNEY'S CHRISTMAS CAROL ,Concept Designer | Matte Painter WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE 2009 Concept Designer | Color Design by, ASTRO BOY 2008 Concept Designer BRAVE NEW WORLD 2008! Concept | Matte Painter SPEED RACER!2008! Matte Painter BEOWULF!2007! Matte Painter THE CELL 2!2007! Concept Designer | Matte Painter THE RED BARON!2007!Germany Matte Painter HAIRSPRAY 2007! Matte Painter Matte Painting KNIGHT & DAYLIVE FREE DIE HARD!2007! Matte Painter NATIVITY 2006! Matte Painter FAST AND THE FURIOUS 3!2005! Concept Artist IRON MAN 2006! Concept Designer | Matte Painter EMPIRE!2005! Concept Designer | Matte Painter SHARK BOY & LAVA GIRL 2005!! Concept Designer GENESIS 2005!! Creature Designer DOOM 2005 Stan Winston Studio! Matte Painter SOUND OF THUNDER 2005 Art Director | Conceptual Artist | Matte Painter SKY CAPTAIN 2004!Stan Winston Studio!! Concept Designer | Matte Painter ALI 2001!! Concept Designer | Matte Painter DAREDEVIL 2003 Rythym & Hues!! Concept Artist WONDER WOMAN Associate Art Director TRAFFIC 2000 Germany Concept Artist | Visual Effects Artist MOTHMAN PROPHECIES 2001 Concept Artist GET OVER IT 2001 Art Director | Matte Painter LOST SOULS 2000!! Associate Art Director | Concept Artist THE 6TH DAY 2000 Concept Artist END OF DAYS 1999! Art Director MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 2 2000! Art Director WONDER BOYS 2000! Associate Art Director | Concept Artist CHILL FACTOR 1999!Concept Artist | Matte Painter THE MUMMY 1999!! Character Designed by NUTTY PROFESSOR 2!1999 Concept Artist THIRTEEN DAYS Concept Artist X-MEN 2000 Concept Artist URSAMAJOR!1999 Concept Artist LITTLE NICKY 2000 Art Director!SPEED RACER!2000 un- produced Associate Art Director THE THREE KINGS 2001!! Art Director | Matte Painter TIME MACHINE 2000!! VIsual Effects Artist | Concept Artist SOLARIS 2002 Associate Art Director 13 GHOSTS!2001!! Matte Painter ABANDONED 2002!! Associate Art Director CLOCKSTOPPERS 2002!! Co-Art Director THE CORE: 2003!! Associate Art Director ORANGE COUNTY 2002! Concept Artist SUPERCOLLIDER 2002!! Character Concept Artist REDPLANET 2000 Concept Artist TUXEDO 2002!! Art Director TIMELINE 2004!! Associate Art Director PATH TO WAR 2000!!! Art Director | Wave Designer PERFECT STORM 2001! Matte Painter U-571 2000!! Lead Concept Artist MINORITY REPORT 2002 Dreamworks | Fox!! Associate Art Director MOULIN ROUGE 2002!! Matte Painter WIND TALKERS 2002!! Art Director | Concept Artist TITAN 2004 Matte Painter RAT RACE 2001!! Matte Painter OCEAN 11 2001!!! Concept Artist STAR TREK 5 2003 Threshold Entertainment!! Concept Artist HALO!2001!! Concept Artist ANACONDA II!2005!! Matte Painter ROAD TO PERDITION 2002

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